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    Stocks are an essential piece in a well diversified portfolio . Therefore, many people are searching for advice on how to get started in the stock market. Like every other venture, it is worthwhile to do some groundwork before dabbling into this highly sensitive market.

    Learning stock basics, stock market essentials and strategies will hopefully result in a profitable venture. As a prospective investor in the stock market, the guide below will give you a firm footing.

    Stock Market First Steps

    The first thing you should do is ask yourself, do I need to be invested in the stock market? If so, how? There are a myriad of ways one can participate. You can  invest in mutual funds, ETFs or the individual stocks themselves.

    The next step is to begin researching how the stock market investment decisions will be made. Do you want the help of a financial advisor? You may want to have an investment manager make the decisions for you. Although, many investment managers require a certain amount of capital.

    You can also make your own stock market investment decisions. This will require more work. However, it can be a lot more rewarding. If you go this route, you should know how you are going to choose what stocks to buy. Consider reading our stock strategies section. There are also a lot of other online resources, that will help you in this endeavor.

    How Do I Open A Brokerage Account

    Like most life events, you do your research. There are a lot of online brokers out there, with various levels of service. Not comfortable dealing online? There are also plenty of brokers that will meet face to face with you. The most important thing is to chose a highly rated broker, with the features that are important to you.


    Getting started in the stock market requires, research, research and more research. You should know what types of stocks you are going to buy, how you are going to choose them and how you are going to invest in them.

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