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Welcome to Stock Market Strategies. Our goal is to help people make financially sound stock market decisions.

We are accumulating a series of articles that highlight the basics of what you need to get started in the stock market, as well as more advanced topics. We are constantly adding information about what stock market strategies the pros use.

The goal of Stock Market Strategies is to make you better equipped to trade or invest in the stock market. We wil help visitors to our site understand the factors that constitute the stock market, as well as the risks and the rewards. We will try to give you some insight into how to become a successful investor or trader. We also have articles that highlight some of the stocks that we think are under or over valued.

Even if you have already achieved some level of success in the stock market, Stock Market Strategies can be a resource to make you even more successful.

The Apps

The Stock Market Strategies Iphone and Android apps are a free market resource and a tool to sharpen your trading and/or investing skills.

The apps have a vast amount of price, data, and company information. There is also price and data information on options.

Once you open an account, you can participate in mock trading. Compare your performance over time, with other users.

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